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36 6x6 monocrystalline solar cell kit for DIY solar panel

Build your own solar panel with these great 6x6 monocristalline solar cells. A typical configuration is 36 cells in a panels for approx. 22 volts and up to 8 amps.

You will get:
36pcs 6x6 monocristalline solar cells
1 Flux pen
24m tabbing wire
2m buss bar
1 x 10A 45V Schottky Blocking Diode
Please see exact specification below.

We recommend that you mount the cells effectively to ensure a long lifetime, low corrosion and cracking. QSIL 216 is a great way to encapsulate your cells. We also recommend you use a good soldering iron, we have the 80w Antex which we find has a good price and works. You must also have a good surface to solder onto, like smooth porcelain, glass or special thermally insulated soldering work desk.

Good luck with your project.

The KnowYourPlanet team

36x individual 6”x 6” monocrystalline PV solar cells, slightly damaged or chipped, 16.5% cell efficiency
The solar cells are produced by a major international manufacturer.
For a single complete mono cell the output is approx 3.75W. If a cell has a part fractured off, the output is proportionally reduced.
Cells typical voltage is 0.62 in direct sunlight.
A typical sample of cells is as shown on the picture.
Cells are sold without warranty.

0.2mm thick, 5mm wide

Tabbing wire
0.2 mm thick, 2mm wide

Rosin flux pen 12ml Surface Mount no clean soldering
These flux pens are excellent for any soldering required for your DIY solar panel.

* Surface Mount Rework Flux Pens
* A quick drying, mildly activated (RMA type), no-clean flux in a pen form, ideal for removing and replacing surface mount components
* Allows for pin point application
* Designed to aid reflow when heating to remove components
* Can also be used as an anti-tarnish, protective film on bare copper or tinned tracks, providing excellent solderability for up to 6 months
* Ozone friendly
* Zero halide content so no cleaning is required
* Passes copper plate and copper mirror corrosion test
* For use with hot air, hot gas or conventional soldering techniques
* Excellent soldering capabilities
* Very highly reliable
* Low, non-tacky/non-corrosive residue

10A 45V Schottky Blocking Diode for Solar Panels
using the Schottky Barrier principle with a platinum barrier metal. These state–of–the–art devices have the following features:
Guardring for Stress Protection
Low Forward Voltage
150°C Operating Junction Temperature
Guaranteed Reverse Avalanche
Epoxy Meets UL94, VO at 1/8,
Mechanical Characteristics:
Case: Epoxy, Molded
Weight: 1.9 grams (approximately)
Finish: All External Surfaces Corrosion Resistant and Terminal Leads are

Aqui os dejo un video explicativo de como sldarlas how to solder tabbing wire to solar cells.wmv - YouTube